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Projection Signs

Having illuminated signage is a great way to make your business stand out in the high street, where there is often a plethora of shop and local business signs competing for attention. Using light means your sign will be visible at all times of day and night, and as well as standing out from the crowd, it offers the opportunity to consolidate your branding and create the right first impression for your business. Projection signs are a great solution if you are looking for an illuminated sign, as they offer a great selection of design and material choices that means a durable, cost effective and power efficient sign that will essentially form the face of your business.
Projection signs work by essentially illuminating a box, and through graphics, cutting, and design choices, certain portions of the signage box can remain unlit to highlight important design aspects or text. Perhaps the most basic example of the projection sign is the green cross often used by pharmacies. This is also a great example of branding, as the green cross is instantly recognisable, viewable from a good distance, and instantly identifiable. These are important qualities for any business, no matter what sector they operate in, so having a projection sign that is on point with the rest of your overall branding and philosophy can help to create that instant recognition with customers.